Links and Things on a Snow Day

The Ultimate Sledding Hill. Bowles Drive. We’ve always said it’d be the perfect place to sled in the snow – and apparently students were trying this last night on campus. Wish I had gotten to witness it!

Snow at Carolina. Dan Sears has some awesome shots from campus this morning.

17 Reasons Why We Should Never Stop Reading Print Books. Tongue-in-Cheek, but, yes.

All Sons & Daughters. My current favorite Pandora Station – light some candles and get some good reading out – or start baking. Worship and so much peace:

Winter Olympians with an Adorable Husky. You will not regret looking through these. I promise.

23 5-minute Hairstyles. I need these. Also something to keep you occupied while indoors.

Around Powell Books with Robin Lopez. I’ve never heard of this NBA player, but he’s just so cute walking around this famous bookstore! Thanks to Flyleaf books for posting this treasure.

Chocolate Chess Pie. Although I can’t give you a verdict yet (my attempt is currently in the oven), doesn’t it just seem like the kind of thing you should make on a snow day?:

and, finally:

Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ in multiple languages from around the world:


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