Recommended Reading (10.28.13)

Whew, it’s been a while.

Here’s some recommendations for reading:

– What Keeps Men From Singing in Worship. A short history of singing in the church and where the modern worship bands of today get it wrong.

– 3-Year-Old Making Progress After Auditory Brainstem Implant. Update on the amazing procedure performed at UNC (the first in the US: to give access to hearing to a child born without an auditory nerve.  This may be my favorite clip of this now-famous family that’s out there! There’s also a lovely shoutout to AVTs:

– Reading at Five: Why? The pressure from law makers for children to read by teh end of kindergarten is not evidence-based. “Speaking with teachers, I’ve learned that while some children in their kindergarten classes can do the work required by the standards, many simply are not ready. There is nothing developmentally wrong with the children. It is the expectations that are not developmentally appropriate.”

– Why Waking Up Is Hard to Do. This one is for Bryan – there’s apparently a genetic reason for why some need more sleep than others.

Perfect Score of Happiness. This woman will make you reconsider your morning routine.


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