Links – mainly about learning lessons…

I got up at 6 AM this morning to complete a homework assignment and ended up pondering these things instead:

A Roomful of Yearning and Regret – what it feels like when you have an affair. What a terribly honest (but short) portrayal of a marriage discarded (

“I look at my parents and at how much simpler their lives are at the ages of 75, mostly because they haven’t marred the landscape with grand-scale deceit. They have this marriage of 50-some years behind them, and it is a monument to success. A few weeks or months of illicit passion could not hold a candle to it.”

When You’re 23 – a short post on that awkward between-stage when you can’t go home, you can’t move forward and at 23 you feel simultaneously incredibly young and incredibly old. (

5 Ways Desensitisation Affects Us – why are modern Christians so ‘unaffected’ by the gospel? I’m guilty of every single one of these (

The Education of Dasmine Cathey – One football player took care of everyone else – and struggled to read throughout college. Touching but truthful (

“Growing up, Dasmine Cathey hated everything about school—reading, writing, even the smell of books. To him, school was nothing but a needless burden…

By high school he still hadn’t read a single book….

If not for football, and his hope of one day playing professionally, he never would have set foot in a college classroom.”

So What if Abortion Ends Life? – Wait, what? This article contains some self-centered and horrendous arguments for abortion (

ADDED: My Coming Out as a Friend of Dan Cathey and Chick-fil-A –  a powerful first-person account by a member of the LGBT community about his newfound mutual respect after a personal encounter with the CEO of Chick-fil-A (

Sarah Der Photography – So, I officially have a wedding photographer! This is her!! I’m so thrilled (


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  1. Ooh, Sarah Der is THE BEST! Love her. Really sweet, too.

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