Exam Procrastination

Still can’t figure out if my level of procrastination is abnormal or around the normal range.

So if you’re procrastinating, too (which chances are high that you are), I recommend these entertaining things:


Sneezing Twins (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QEE70zlVRoM). One of the best things I’ve ever seen. Is this how we learn language?

Ellen and Britney Spears doing Gangam Style (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZmkU5Pg1sw)!

Just Eat Breakfast by Sarah Edwards (Thought Catalog): She’s on-point here — although I may be one of those true ‘happier in the morning’ people…


Bettye + Charles (Jillian Zamora Blog): beautiful photography of a couple who have been married for 63 years (WOW! Will also bring tears to your eyes)

All I Want for Christmas (Michael Buble): Bryan is convinced I’m the Grinch and don’t like Christmas music. Ahem. I do. This one is a really sweet, slower tempo re-endition of the original.


 How People Change by David Brooks (NY Times): true story.

Why David Petraeus Cheated by Mark Regenerus (Patheos): Bryan and I just talked about this last night. I think I agree with this.

Why does a southern drawl sound uneducated to some? (Scientific American): interesting research on how people may stereotype us because of how we sound.

In Girl’s Last Hope, Altered Immune Cells Beat Leukemia (NY Times): wow. This is accurately described by the words of Winston Churchill, if you’re in hell, keep going!


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