Thinking and Thinking…


The Way Books Used To Be Sold. A small story of Capitalism and Books. I hate that independent bookstores are on their way out — and am thankful for living in Chapel Hill, a town of readers and lingering independent sellers.

Why You Should Consider Canceling Your Short-Term Mission Trips. I’ve had too many discussion with friends re: this dilemma. Definitely worth reading.

The Constant Wife. While this column itself isn’t particularly compelling, it is the most recent one I’ve read about the Sandusky trial and it is at least interesting to think about husband/wife dynamics here — add it to my “can’t look away from the train crash” moments.

21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity. Sweet gestures. After all, all we really need is love.

Epic Trick Shot Battle. Frisbee v. Bball — if there was ever a time to use the phrase “THIS IS SO COOL!” it is here.

… and this quote about strong women which I love (I found it here).

“I think strength is also being feminine. And I think being tough is also being feminine. And being determined and never giving up are all feminine qualities.

“Sometimes we don’t associate that way, but I really believe that’s the essence of a true woman. Think of any woman who’s defending her children or protecting her family. You’ve never met a fiercer fighter in your life. Women have all those qualities. Women have all those skills.” 

-New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand


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