Insomnia means Reading

Couldn’t sleep this past night (still not sure why; I had some chocolate from Foster’s after work…but that’s not really that unusual.). And not sleeping, means I find other ways to occupy myself. I’ve been devouring Nicholas Carr’s book The Shallows and some other online reads. Here’re some suggestions (not all articles this time):

When Michelle Obama Came to Lunch. This reads like a story; written by a humble appetizer chef at Gramercy Tavern who experienced the frenzy of a VIP lunch she did not get to make.

Starbucks ‘The Perfect Latte.’ This adorable Starbucks ad is marketing genius.

BookBook for Air. This is not really an article. But isn’t it still wonderful? I’m coveting it.

Barbara Robbins: A Slain CIA’s Death. The first woman to die in Vietnam — and one of the first women to work for the CIA. This agent’s death was just recently connected to the CIA. Fascinating story — also provides a great deal of insight into how the CIA is structured and the heavy toll it can take on a person’s family.

The Lennox! I’m not a Pinterest person, but I’m learning it can be useful for things like sharing ideas for how to decorate a new apartment. Here’s our collection of possibilities.

Timelapse: Sunrise to Sunset. Basically, what I watched this AM from my window. The sky is crazy-beautiful — and I can’t get enough of watching how the sun moves across the sky.


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