Links (during these two weeks before graduation).

And now, for some more serious links and reads…
(there will probably be many more int he coming weeks).

Bin Laden’s Death Anniversary. It’s been a whole year since this famed terrorist’s assassination. In memorium of that last May 1. &

A Word Heard Often, Except at the Supreme Court. This article was fascinating — the Supreme Court has to deal with foul and perverse language while upholding our First Amendment, but lawyers aren’t allowed to say the “F-word” in court. Huh?

A Little Bit of Promise. Kiri Sunde knows this couple as her mentors. This is about a husband and wife professor pair who have taught at UNC and after adopting a young girl are using their grant-writing prowess to leverage for the underprivileged in Guatemala.

Memes and Poetry. Kelsey Farson’s good friend, Sarah Edwards, wrote a relevant and insightful piece on the popularity of memes and how they can be compared to the poetry of our past.

Interview with Tyler Zeller. This is pretty sweet — Tyler Zeller attends my church in Durham, The Summit Church, and this past weekend he offered up a brief Q&A session about being a Christian as a basketball player at UNC.

TedEd. Every teacher out there should check this out — tons of short lessons from English to Science with engaging animations. I personally want to listen to all of them.

Tom Sorensen and Us. If you grew up reading Charlotte Observer’s sports section, this feature on sports columnist Sorensen will fit you perfectly. And even if you didn’t…

Finally, I just finished addressing graduation announcements.
Life is about to get real on May 13.
Not sure I’m ready!


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