Graduation Wish List.

My 2012 Graduation wishlist.
note: please take with a grain of salt. Not serious.

1. All-Expenses Paid Trip to New Zealand. This place has once-in-a-lifetime-like beauty.

2. MacBook. Okay, this one is a serious want/need/want. Only question is: air or pro? air or pro? air or pro?

3. a. These TOMs. I will carry this school with me wherever I go. So comfy.

b. These ASICS. They just look “cool.” Also, I wore through my old Asics in training for my half: I need a new pair.

4. MWF Seeking BFF. Really want to read this book. I think the premise is true: friendships will be very different post-undergrad.

5. Lifetime supply of Daily Grind Coffee. Because, this is necessary and I will miss it next year in Bondurant Hall.

6. Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.
Not released til Oct 30 — but, oh my, she is the absolute best when it comes to recipes:

7. Carolina Basketball Season Tickets.
Oh, wait, I have two more years as a Carolina student! These will be on my second-graduation wishlist…

PS: This entire song echoes how my heart beats when I think about graduation: It’s both joyful and nervous…anticipation.


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