Spring Break Reading.

I’ve read too much over break. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. I’m close to finishing Till We Have Faces. But I’m too often distracted by hyped-up online articles, videos or random blogposts. It’s literally media overload.That said, there are some writings worth pondering. I’ve done my best here to filter out what is not worth your while. But I’ll admit I’ve included a few biased favorites. Oops. Happy Reading!

Enjoy with a strong chai tea — or, coffee (since I’m now owning up to this obsession).

The Story Behind the Iconic ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ Poster. This video is a dash of history mixed with pop culture and a hidden treasure. If you’ve seen the coffee mugs, t-shirts, or posters of this saying, you should watch this. www.theatlantic.com

The Empire State Building. How did Helen Keller like the view? But, really: she writes about the view here. www.lettersofnote.com

Living Space by Andrea Hubbell Photography. Gorgeous photos of carefully designed homes (antique furniture, paintings and the like). But do you see what they’ve done with books? Literally, I’m always dreaming in books. www.andreahubbell.com

Love Without Language. A picture blog — this one’s on the lessons animals have taught us. Not going to lie, a few of the photos made me teary-eyed. www.pictorymag.com But, let’s be honest, I’m in love with all the picture stories on this blog. Try the one on oceans (In Deep).

An Evaluation of Invisible Children’s Kony2012 Campaign. A look at the viral video from a few steps back. I feel most connected to this viewpoint (ie: Kony is bad, what is the best way to stop him?).  This is worth reading — don’t let the fact that it’s on Thought Catalog put you off. thoughtcatalog.com.

Annnd the “biased ones” on books:

The Bookshelf Project. I admire Tommy Tomlinson’s ambitious goal to actually read the unread books on his shelf. I should do this myself. But first, I’ll wait and see how that goes for him. ttomlinson.blogspot.com

A Memory in Every Book. I have a firm policy against dirtying my books by eating while reading. But I like the sentiments here. shelf-awareness.com

The Hungry Reader. Disregarding what I said above, this bookstand would certainly be useful while eating/drinking and reading. www.thekitchn.com


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