New Video Links (also, we beat dook).

Real Men Surprise Their Dates. A charming video by Dove for Men in which, well, men, sing Backstreet Boys on Valentine’s Day.

OTL Homegrown Heart. Beautiful story. The #1 Women’s basketball recruit transferred from UConn to Delaware — for reasons I can’t help by admire.

Pedigree Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera. Enough said. You will love this.

As for that dook loss, I always recommend Lucas’ post-game column. The Right Group. Always quality. Always uplifting.

And that is all.

Go watch all highlights, photos, blogs, all things from the game are quite delightful. I mean, “the way we did it, though…You see how we did it?” (if you’re unaware of the reference on that quote, check here).


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