Thoughtful Blogs.

I’ve been on a blog-reading craze lately. Don’t ask me why or where it started — I’m not exactly sure.

Although it may correlate with wishing, waiting, imagining a life different from my current one.

We’ll try not to think of that.

Without further ado, my favorite “blogs” from the past few weeks.

I have found my kindred blogging spirit (slash blogging idol). I’ve already read places where she muses about opening her own bookshop, the importance of listening, Jo March and God’s sovereignty and, ahem, most importantly: March Madness. You should check her out.

Bookshelf Porn.
I can’t believe there are so many ways to shelve books. I’m definitely transported to a future imaginary world by this site. Hello, Beauty & the Beast flashbacks …

Dear Photograph,.
Clever idea: Photo of an old photo being held in front of the original place where it was shot. This one is my favorite.

Curiosity Counts.
I’ll let its subhead speak for itself: “TBWA‘s brain booty and disruptive interestingness across creative culture and media arts.”


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