Perfect Love Stories

What is Love?

This article from The Washington Post attempts to answer that question.

And fails miserably.

It ends with the assertion that “we may never know. We can never describe it fully.” What is the truth? What are we really craving? Is it love? I do crave the love of movies. I long for …

-the love that waits for you; relentlessly hoping for your return for years upon years upon years?
{The Notebook}

-the love that has been there all along, lurking beneath the surface?
{When Harry Met Sally + Sweet Home Alabama}

-the love that hates and misunderstands at first, but in the end is forgiven and deeply adored?
{Pride and Prejudice}

-the love that forgives all your silly white lies and deceptions?
{Maid in Manhatten + How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days}

-the love that is simply meant to be, to which we attach a sense of destiny?
{Romeo and Juliet + Serendipity}

-the epic love that is remembered long past death?
{Pearl Harbor + P.S., I Love You}

And even with these elaborate love stories of epic proportions, I cannot imagine a perfectly happily ever after for all of them in reality (much less imagine them IN reality).

I maintain all my girly hopes and longings for someone to fulfill these things. My faith in God (as often as I forsake him) is the only thing I’ve found that fulfills every one of those types of love. He acts toward me without fail, without faltering and without asking anything from me in return.

How am I so forgetful of that?

And why do I put so many of these “girly fantasies” on my own love with Bryan?

I love the reality of our love, but I know the fantasies I crave of epic proposals and serendipitous adventures are unrealistic. They are ultimately signs of the greatest love I could imagine — an imprint of my creator. If only the world didn’t tempt me, constantly telling me that I am responsible for finding and creating the most epic adventure of love.

I’m a humble girlfriend, sobering myself to the limits of my own love (albeit the wonderful, joyous, confidence-boosting, day-making, smile-inducing human love that we share) .

Happy Valentine’s!


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