UNC v. dook Links.

Tonight it’s Carolina versus dook: the most epic rivalry in sports.


And I’m celebrating my final year as a Carolina student by heading to the Dean Dome around 2:40PM and crossing my fingers for good riser tickets — please, God, don’t make me sit behind a tall, broad-shouldered sweaty dude … Some of my friends have already told me I’m crazy, but I don’t care. Tonight I’m not Shannon the Introvert, Shannon the Future Speech Pathologist or even Shannon the Coffee Addict.

Tonight, I am Anonymous the Fanatical Carolina Student.

And I’m ready to get lost in the hype and sea of Carolina Blue. To prepare for this transformation I’ve compiled the best of the UNC v. dook links for reviewing before the 9PM tipoff. If you’re looking for me on TV, my face will be painted. See you there!

photo credit to The Daily Tar Heel (click for source).

Tar Heels’ Marshall a Sight for Sore Eyes.“You know, it’s not hard to pass it in to John (Henson) and (Zeller). It’s not hard to give it to Reggie (Bullock) and Harrison (Barnes) spotting up to shoot.” All about the “vision” of Kendall Marshall. Highlights some Marshall trivia — he only wears one contact? — and includes a list of his stellar assist stats. Andrew Carter for The Charlotte Observer

Appreciating the Gift that is Dukarolina. “The Bachelor doesn’t have it this good. For once, we get to know how it feels to be among the top one-percenters. For me (and I suspect many of you willing to admit it), today is like a second Christmas.” Fun column; points out that Roy and Coach K are approaching 60 (ie: retirement age). How much longer will these “Greats” face each other? I’ll only argue one point in this column: that each match up is like a “second Christmas” (um yeah, only if Carolina wins … otherwise, it’s like a second finals week … full of melancholy sulking). Chuck Liddy for The News and Observer

Remembering Those Eight Carolina-Dook Games While I Was a Student. “Duke gives us just enough of a run to keep things relatively equal, but we come out on top in every important category.” The near greatest Heels fan of all time, Bryan Weynand, provides his vivid and insightful anecdotes from the best UNC-Dook match-ups throughout his life. Born Bleeding Blue

Lucas: Face the Fire. “There’s a good chance tomorrow night’s game will come down to the most basic of basketball plays: one player with the ball in his hands, the other trying to stop him.” Includes quality quotes from Barnes, Bullock, and Marshall. This column will get your mind set to analyze each team’s defense and offense. TarHeelBlue.com

The Legacy. You MUST watch this video montage; complete with current and relevant hip hop rhymes. It’s a great introduction for those who don’t know much about our past SIX championships — and for those you do, you’ll feel positively giddy all over again. Lyrics and Video by Ricky Mac. An excerpt:

“Now we have that talent, we got that rhythm
We even have a Henson air defense system

Reggie’s sinking threes, got dunks to go with ’em
Z is out in front, we know Kendall will hit him
Unleash the beast; his name is Black Falcon,
Soaring through the lanes, the D cannot doubt him.

But, we’ve all learned that winning is more than just talent.

That heart, that fight
That gotta give it all,
Every Day, Every Night.”

Today’s DTH features a column about how UNC’s hatred for Dook furthers the American Dream. Although I don’t appreciate nominal Dook hatred (ie: ” Duke is the one percent, the Goldman Sachs of basketball”), I can certainly appreciate that “the myth of the Cameron Crazies as the greatest fans continues to get shoved down our throats year after year despite reams of evidence to the contrary.Evidence here.

Finally, if you’re looking for the best in inspirational “beat dook” mentality, I suggest this “Why I Hate Duke” classic.
Go Heels!

PS: I just checked TicketHub, tickets are starting at $175 a piece … yikes! Thankful to be a student.



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  1. brett deese

    Lets go Tarheels I will be cheering them on tonight Shannon!!

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