There’s Always Thinking to Be Done.

And with that I have Sunday readings to get thoughts rolling.

The Greatest Running Shoe Never Sold. Fascinating look at what makes our stride buoyant (not buoyant) and why we pay 100’s of dollars for a ‘good running shoe.’ Have shoe companies been missing the magic all along? I really want to find this sneaker now.

Photogs Pose With Their Famous Photos. If you like history, photography or people, even, this series will enchant you — and if you’re like me you’ll probably try to match the photog’s face with what they must have been thinking when they snapped the shot. Includes the Beatles, Tienanmen Square and Marilyn Monroe, among others.

Rainy Day Reading. As the caption says, “sometimes a book is just that good.” Can’t say I haven’t been there, done that.

A Governor From Charlotte? Imagine. Tommy Tomlinson column on a potential McCrory v. Foxx governor race now that Bev Perdue has decided not to run for reelection. Makes me think of Bryan.

The Blind Man Who Taught Himself to See. Nearly infathomable — a blind man teaches himself to get around using echolocation (like a bat). He went off to college, received two master’s degrees and now travels across the country teaching the blind to be as independent as he has, to rely only on themselves. His motto?: “Running into a pole is a drag, but never being allowed to run into a pole is a disaster.”

PS: I may make this regular thing. But given my track record with all things organization and blog-related, we will see how it pans out.


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