More Links for Study Breaks

How Doctors Die. Apparently doctors don’t do well with taking their own medicine. Most would opt to die the regular way — no new technologies for them. Really interesting to think about.

10 Games In, 10 Questions to Ponder. All about UNC Basketball. Love these questions. Hopefully they’re an omen of things to come. My favorite? “7. Who’s going to hit more 3s of the bench this season – Reggie Bullock or P.J. Hairston?”

Should Sarcasm Have its Own Font Style? I could absolutely, totally use this. So many miscommunications via text/Facebook/AIM. A testament to the differences between the written and spoken word.

Merriam-Webster’s word of the year is ‘Pragmatic’ and TIME’s person of the year is ‘Protestor.‘ What does this even mean? My mind is blown by the oxymoron of pragmatic protestor.

How Coffee Can Galvanize your Workout. Gotta love how coffee seems to make it into every single one of my posts. But I actually believe this one: drink coffee before a run and I run longer, faster, harder and feel so much better at the end. Also my favorite drink (the Americano) is the recommended way to get the optimal amount of caffeine in your system.

Death to the Penny. Paige made me watch this. Apparently it costs 1.8 cents to make a penny worth 1 cent. What are we doing to ourselves…?


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