Links for Study Breaks

My 11 AM class was cancelled for today and so of the many things on my to-do list (which also includes sleep!), I decided to compile a few of the stories I’ve recently enjoyed on my random study breaks between work.


Athlete Spotlight: Steven Howard. Tear-jerker story about an NC State wide receiver who worked as a nurse-type aid for family (and Carolina grad!) with Lou Gehrigs: (please note lack of snarky State comments…)

What Ben Wrote for my Wedding. An adorable (truly whirlwind) romance from North Carolina:

The Life Reports II. The wisdom of columnist David Brooks sifts through the tome of wise essays sent in by our elders (70 years). Self reflective column. Interesting to think what I will write/regret/love about my life 50 years from now. I’m thankful to still have that part of my life in front of me. Cant wait:


Why African Americans Aren’t Embracing Occupy Wall Street. This excerpt sums it up well: “Black America’s fight for income equality is not on Wall Street, but is a matter of day-to-day survival. The more pressing battles are against tenant evictions, police brutality and street crime. This group doesn’t see a reason to join the amorphous Occupiers.”:

Photoshopped or Not? A Tool to Tell: Apparently legislators in England, Norway and France want publications to label where photos have been digitally altered. Personally, I’d probably want my 10 page spread of poses at least a bit touched-up under all that harsh lighting. Or do you think al naturale is much better?


Wisconsin Badgers guard Jordan Taylor looking forward to facing North Carolina Tar Heels. Great article on the dichotomy between UW’s point guard and our PG, Kendall Marshall. Can’t wait to see the game in person, tomorrow night in the Dean Dome. Let’s go, Homework!:|newswell|text|WIS-Wisconsin

Hysterical Baby. This is my favorite baby video ever: the baby laughs hysterically while her dad rips up pieces of paper. Hilarious:

Teacup Lights. These homemade candles reminded me of my mom. Gotta love Martha Stewart gift ideas:


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