Carolina Basketball, Bella & Books

Coming Home to the Heels: Bobby Frasor is UNC’s new Assistant Video Coordinator. Whatever that entails. Part of me is secretly hoping he’ll be Roy’s successor one of these days. Don’t say I didn’t call it:

The Real Bella: I haven’t read any of the Twilight books books, but I know friends who take issue with Bella (the main character)’s neediness/climginess to Edward (the male protagonist/Vampire).  This article reveals that maybe our expectations for modern heroines are unrealistic — after all, there are real gender differences — despite what our feminist backlash may tell us:

Unintentional Caffeine Addiction: This editorial, about slowing becoming addicted to the caffeine of coffee (from hot chocolate to mocha to espresso) hit home. I didn’t drink coffee until I came to Carolina, but now I couldn’t go back. I don’t require it to function, but I  start coveting every time I spot someone on campus with a coffee shop mug:

Reading to Your Children: Was just talking to Bryan about this. We both want to make it a priority to read to our kids — and to lead by example (through reading ourselves … oh, and installing a gigantic library in our house…). This article makes a valid point; parents have the ultimate burden of responsibility for raising their kids, and those who are interested in their kids’ activities and support them in their endeavors ultimately have the most motivated children:

Own Up: Cyber-bullying has certainly gotten out of hand — and is more frequent among ‘anonymous’ posters. I’m the last one to step on anyone’s right to free speech, and I certainly support anonymous comments should one be endangered for giving a specific opinion. But if you’re going for ad homenim attacks, at least sign your name. An honest editorial:

Blaming Others: A reaction to this “We are the 99%,” “we blame Wall Street” Occupy Movement has developed. They call themselves “the 53%.” The 53% who actually pay income tax, that is. They exhort the American Ideal of the Hard Work. Don’t know enough to say whether or not I agree with them, but I’m certainly anxious to see where this movement leads:


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  1. RimeTime

    Definitely want Jerod Haase to succeed Roy. Not Frasor.

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