Some Enlightenment for your Day

Terrorists: – what’s in their heart? What makes them human? One writer explores this territory, hoping to show us westerners that there’s another way to approach our ‘enemies’ — get inside their head and their relationships:

Fact-Checking the Pit Preacher: I just find this article snippy and entertaining:

The Skinny on Genetics: Why are you skinny, too? Is there a ‘thin gene’? A (nother!) NPR article explores the fact that maybe we inherit our appetites from our parents:

Female Basketball Prodigy: a 13-year-old accepts a UNC Women’s Basketball Scholarship – wait. What?:

Great Expectations for Roy Williams and the Heels: I’m having trouble containing my excitement. One columnist hypothesizes that this could be Williams’ best team ever? All I’m saying is ‘knock on wood’:

Pumpkin Shortage: East Coast farmers are expecting a Pumpkin ‘Famine’ this year due to all the rain our East Coast was pounded with (Bryan can attest to this). But I never think about these things — I’m definitely a spoiled, self-centered Westerner. I mean, a shortage of pumpkins: WHO KNEW?:

RIP Steve Jobs: Arguable THE most influential techie of our decade passed away today. So crazy. Here’s the most comprehensive article I’ve seen about his life and death:


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