Barnes: silent, serious … ‘saved’?

Some articles buried in an Iowa newspaper (Iowa State Daily) from over a year ago when this now-beloved UNC phenom was still at Ames High School. Harrison Barnes is only a freshmen basketball player–but he was one ‘yes’ away from playing in the NBA. The entire Tar Heel nation side collectively when he changed that word to a simple ‘no.’ We couldn’t stand to lose a player who exudes a platform and a focus that is radically different from most college basketball players.

We already know Barnes as a finisher, a silent leader, and a determined scholar–but he’s also a ‘Christ-follower’ (his words)? Apparently so. I just picked up this article where Barnes discusses his faith. It’s certainly worth reading.
One of the few Barnes-related things our sports blogs have yet to cover.

Read here:
Faith Guides Phenom: -

Some of my favorite quotes are below:
“When people look at me, I don’t want them to just say, ‘There is a good basketball player.’ I’d rather them say, ‘He’s a good Christian.’” -Barnes

“My definition of a man has always been biblically biased and not necessarily the perception of the world itself, so that is something I try to imitate.” -Barnes

“I try to make [God] the center of my life and then just have that infiltrate all other spheres, such as glorifying Him on the basketball floor with all the gifts that He’s given me, or glorifying Him in the classroom with all the knowledge that He’s given me.” -Barnes


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