Be Inspired: BUTLER is different


Bryan asked me if reading an inspiring article about a team that’s still left in the NCAA Tourney this year would be depressing after our loss to KU. I responded that Butler’s program, philosophy and history are so different from ours that you can’t help but admire them.

Here’s why.

-Butler has a little over $56,000 to give in scholarships each year
(UNC pays about that in just its recruiting travel expenses for coaches–

-Butler just got its first Top 100 recruit in 2006 with Matt Howard
(UNC got Harrison Barnes–2010’s #1 recruit–and James McAdoo–2011’s #1 recruit).

-Butler’s Brad Stevens is 33-years old
(UNC’s Williams is 60).

-Stevens recruits on vision and values: “People get caught up in rankings,” Stevens says. “They’re not always based on how that person reacts to adversity, how he acts in the community, or whether he performs in the classroom. We want guys who are going to fit into our values and our vision. Often, the profile is misleading.”
(Williams uses rankings as one half of the “two programs (Duke and UNC) that literally are going head to head in many instances for the very elite players in the nation, and to be able to accomplish that speaks volumes for the head coaches and the tradition of their programs.”–

Just a comparison. Disclaimer: love UNC–so much so that this loss really hurts me–but, I’ve decided I’m also a new Butler fan.
I hope they destroy Kentucky or UCONN in the Finals.

That is all.


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