True Carolina Blue

Ever wonder where AdamLucas got his start?

Well, he’s a Carolina Law School drop-out, who envisoned a magazine for  sports-enthusiasts (ie:Ram’s Club members). And thus, he became the founder of Tar Heel Monthly. I discovered this after tracking down Blue & White magazine’s fabulous profile on Lucas (could one call him Carolina’s greatest modern-day sports writer?) from several years back. Read it here on pg 20.

Specifically, I love Adam Lucas for descriptives like this: “With under 10 seconds left, he pulled the ball to the top of the key, near the southern Outer Banks on the Carolina blue outline of the state at midcourt of the Smith Center.” Lucas Column: post-last-minute-victory-against BCollege. 

No one else captures Carolina spirit the way he does.
Granted, pretty sure no one but Woody Durham has quite the incessantly-optimistic Carolina spirit of Lucas.

Apologies to everyone who’s been a Carolina fan and read him their entire lives (*cough*Bryan*cough*).

BUT, good news! I’ve joined the bandwagon.


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