Imagining a world without Internet

Just last Saturday, Egypt shut down all internet communication outgoing or incoming.,%20internet%20access&st=cse

Of course, this is far from ‘new’ news. But I was reading more closely through this article, I began to ask myself…

1. Is internet access an inalienable right?

2. What would the world look like without the internet?

As to the first question, my conservative politics say that government regulation of public access to information is a violation of rights. And it is a censorship of not only freedom of speech form within, but the freedom to knowledge of outside thought and communication. That is a dictatorship. I’m determined to fight

And as for the second, I have a difficult time fathoming what exactly the world will look like without internet.

I mean, wouldn’t be writing  a blog post on this.

I wouldn’t even have access to information on the protests in Egypt.

My life would be uninformed. Perhaps significantly less busy, and filled with more personal interactions.
But I wouldn’t trade my life with the internet; especially during a time like this in Egypt’s history when worldwide communication is absolutely essential..

I’m not an internet junkie by any means (I know nothing of html code or of the humble beginnings of the ‘www’); but I can’t imagine a life without it. Google answers every question I have; online newspapers provide a global perspective and Facebook facilitates a more robust social life. Not to mention the fact that I often feel like my e-mail inbox is physically attached to me…

I cannot imagine.


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