Love Chapel Hill; appreciate Duke?

After reading this article again, I’m determined to live in the paradoxical vagabond city of the state.

Fanatic Basketball fans, erudite professors and socialist hippies, living in harmony?
Okay, maybe not harmony.
But take away any one of those dynamics and you lose the beauty of Chapel Hill.

The history combined with modern medicine, organic food, education. This article says it so much better:

“Our schools are excellent, and yoga is a local epidemic, yet on a summer night in Carrboro, you need not look far to find porches stocked with people plucking banjos with utmost sincerity. In our downtown, million-dollar green-built condominiums are springing up like kudzu shoots, but we still have springtime eruptions of old-growth azalea and dogwood blossoms to gobsmack a Savannahian. Free parking is increasingly hard to come by, but drive three miles to the north or west, and you are in swaying cornscapes and pasturelands comely enough to stop your heart. We have three “progressive” grocery stores and uncountable espresso peddlers, yet we are, to a citizen, people who will clench fists and go red in the face if told there are ways to eat pulled pork other than in a rinse of vinegar and pepper flakes.”
-Nic Brown and Wells Tower, Garden & Gun Magazine

Only line I’d disagree with: “I think we privately adore Duke.” Adore? ADORE? Yeah right. How about appreciate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we have Duke; I’m glad it’s right down the road; and I appreciate their basketball prowessl. But “adore” is the furthest word from what I’d use to describe my feelings toward that University.


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